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Safe acid descaler. It completely eliminates any lime-scale deposit. Disinfectant action according to EN 1276. Ideal to keep deeply clean any sanitary in the washrooms. Suitable for the periodical cleaning of  swimming pools. Good for the first treatment of concrete floor (before sealing with Beton) or terra cotta floors (to remove the cement). pH 1.0 | a.s.(%) : 24 ± 1 Area of use- Sanitary, skins, chromium plated surfaces, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, toilet bowls 3%-5% (300ml to 500ml in 10 L of water). For stubborn deposits on hard surface (stoneware, ceramics, concrete) dilute to 10% (1 L every 10 L of water) Carton box (5kg x 4 pcs)

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