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Microfiber Cloth 40×40 cm

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

A growing number of industry observers make a compelling case for the long-term savings of microfiber.   They stress reductions in: 1) The amount of water and chemicals needed. 2) The number of job-related injuries that occur. 3) The time it takes to clean a room as a few of microfiber’s myriad benefits.   Made with a fiber thinner than one denier, our microfiber cloth, contrary to what it looks, is a sophisticated cleaning product, which has superior cleaning efficiency and durability compared to its alternatives. With multi-stranded fiber design, the microfiber cloth has asterisk-based cross-section, which multiplies its surface area and endows it higher cleaning potential. For making the spilt microfiber durable, an innovative manufacturing process is employed that produces filaments with definite size and shape, which determines the softness, toughness, absorption, and electrostatic capabilities. Be it standard, water-soluble or waxy dirt, the cloth works optimally, bringing the effort and cost of cleaning down.

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