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ZW 20/35/77

High-performance wet and dry vacuum cleaners, thanks to ametek motors and high-capacity tanks. They are suited for picking liquid and light dust, with high degree of sturdiness and mobility.
  • Ergonomic design with a sturdy frame
  • Excellent suction capacity
  • Ametek motor for high quality performance
  • Twin motor option(ZW 77SS)
  • SS body for usage endurance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Wide range of accessories

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………….ZW 20 SS                                        ZW 35 SS                                    ZW 77 SS

An additional nylon filter is available to vacuum particularly thick liquids.


A high-efficiency HEPA filter can be fitted upon request.


All models can be used with or without a recovery bag (Optional)


A wide range of accessories


Sponge filter


Permanent cloth filter

ZW 20 SSZW 35 SSZW 77 SS
Voltage230V/50 Hz230V/50 Hz230V/50 Hz
Power1350 W1350 W2700 W
No.of Motor112
Airflow54 ltr/sec54 ltr/sec108 ltr/sec
Suction Power22 KPa22 KPa22 KPa
Tank Volume20 lts35 lts77 lts
Dimensions cm (LxWxH)36x36x5736x36x7651x60x95
Weight (kg)7.5920

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