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Service Cart for Professional Cleaning

Made with heavy-duty plastic, our service carts, ranging from a single bucket wheeled mop bucket cartto double bucket with wring handle bar, and integrated carts stations equipped with mop bucket, are suitable for commercial as well as industrial settings.

We also offer four wheeled multi-tier trolleys with integrated twin bags, made with antirust steel and high tensile plastic, which act as a multipurpose cleaning equipment.

With design options of down press and side press wringer, versatility to adapt to different settings, and ability to withstand harsh environment, our complete line of service carts has proved its worth in Europe as a convenient tool for cleaning floors.

VDM is an Italy based company operating in the field of cleaning since 1980. It manufactures professional cleaning equipment, exclusively designed by its R&D department, in its factory in Arese (Milan). VDM was the first company to introduce rilsan coating as rustproof protection on a complete line of trolleys & manufacture stainless steel trolleys.

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