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The safety level of floor-cleaning machines for industrial use is related to specific product standards which accurately define what a machine should be like in order to be considered safe (from both a mechanical and an electrical viewpoint).

So, you should expect that every machine you purchase or use is provided with an EC declaration of conformity to the product standards:

  • (EN 60335-1) General standard
  • (EN 60335-2-72) Special standard for scrubbing and sweeping machines
  • (EN 60335-2-69) Special standard for vacuum cleaners
  • (EN 60335-2-67) Special standard for single disc machines

When correctly applied, these standards guarantee that the machine does not present any risk of shearing, crushing, electrocution, or accidental start-up; i.e. all the risks involved in the practical use of the machine.

Our machines are tested by an accredited laboratory in compliance with the safety regulations, to guarantee all aspects of operator safety.

On request, specific product certifications are also available


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